Monday, February 1, 2010

Safety first

Here is a short comic that gives an example of why you should wear a seat belt. In the comic the car was going 40 m/hr down Midway when all of the sudden a car pulled out in front of them. Unfortunately, they crashed without even having time to put on the brakes.  The man was wearing his seat belt so as their car hit the other car his seat belt kept him from continuing to move forward, staying relatively unharmed. The woman however was not as lucky, she was not wearing her seat belt. Newton's First Law says, an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Since the woman was moving as a separate object she continued to move despite the fact that the car had stopped.The man wore his seat belt so when the car stopped the seat belt locked creating the unbalanced force that is required to stop an object that is in motion. In the end the woman sadly did not survive the crash. Only if she had put on her seat belt...


  1. Please re-write your story with appropriate grammar, you need to improve your punctuation so that the story reads easily. Adding an explanation using Newton's First Law is important, just mentioning inertia does not provide a complete description.

  2. I liked how you made use of Newton's laws, but I recommend that you go into more depth of the topic. You should also elongate the story because there is no physics content in it. Otherwise, you have a good story.