Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well I am a dingbat- I looked at the wrong week. Okay so I am just ahead of the game! Woo hoo! Okay bye.

Newton's First Law

Oh my gosh! I didn't look at the website because I thought that our only homework was to do the lab and other homework. I am SO incredibly sorry, Mrs. Gende.

I learned that for something to move it has to have a force behind it be it gravity, normal, friction force etc. I found remembering which force is which difficult but making the diagrams came easy to me. Being a neat and organized person my drawings are easy for me to understand which aids in my comprehension of the material. However some of when there is more than one normal force I find that a bit confusing! This can be seen in everyday life because we do not float around in the atmosphere! Due to gravitational force we and other objects, stay put on the ground. Okay, thanks for reading. Again, I am SO very sorry that this is so late. I am so sorry.