Monday, April 26, 2010

Physics Photo

Madrid, Spain: Summer 2008

I took this picture a couple of summers ago while touring the Spanish country side with close family friends. I was struck by the beauty of nature and felt the need to share it with the world. When looking at this photo one can see the sky, a mountain, a little bit of a road, a wooden crate, some trees, a cloud and countless other things. One also sees an assortment of colors. Blue, green, tan and so on are all represented in various shades through-out this picture. Color can be thought of as a psychological or a physiological response to specific frequencies of light waves as they reach the eye. When that light wave reaches the object the wave can either be absorbed, converting the energy to heat, the light wave could be transmitted by the object or lastly it could be reflected by the object. All of these former options are what create color which is seen in my picture of the eloquence and serenity that we call the proud Spanish country side.